Learn About:

  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Decision-Making Skills
  • Teaming Skills
  • Principles & Elements of Design
  • Sketching and Visualization
  • Application of Engineering Principles
  • Presentation and Communication Techniques
  • Production Methods
Concept. Create. Design.



Intro to Engineering
Design (IED)

Credit : 1

Grade: 9-10

Fee: $20

Prerequisite: None

You will progress from sketching simple geometric shapes to applying a state-of-the-art solid modeling computer software package to projects you will create. You’ll learn the problem-solving design process and how it is used in the real world to create the products and structures you see in daily life.

Principles of Engineering (POE)

Credit : 1

Grade: 10-11

Fee: $20

Prerequisite: IED

The second course explores various technology systems and manufacturing processes. You will build on skills you learned in the IED course to complete several design and engineering projects.


Credit : 1

Grade: 11-12

Fee: $30

Prerequisite: POE

*Seniors must concurrently take EDD*

This course introduces students to applied digital logic, a key element of careers in engineering and engineering technology. This course explores the smart circuits found in watches, calculators, video games, and computers. Students use industry-standards computer software in testing and analyzing digital circuitry. They design circuits to solve problems, export their designs to a printed circuit auto-routing program that generates printed circuit boards, and use appropriate components to build their designs. Students use mathematics and science in solving real-world engineering problems.

Project Lead
the Way

Project Lead the Way is a national not-for-profit organization established to help schools give students the knowledge they need to excel in high-tech fields. Studies of PLTW’s curriculum have proven that PLTW students become the kind of prepared, competent, high-tech employees U.S. industry needs to stay competitive in the global market. The goal is to increase the number, quality, and diversity of engineers and to offer students the chance to find out if engineering is the career for them before spending thousands of dollars in college! So . . . take this opportunity to better prepare yourself for college, learn in a hands-on environment, and explore the field of engineering.

Engineering Design and Development (EDD)

Credit : 1

Grade: 12

Fee: $20

Prerequisite: POE

Pre/Co-requisite: Digital Electronics

The capstone engineering research course in which students work in teams to research, design and construct a solution to an open-ended engineering problem creating a marketable product.


"Real success is finding your lifework in the work that you love."

-David McCullough

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