Learn About:

  • The History of Education
  • The Needs of the Learner
  • Classroom Environment
  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Teaching Strategies
  • Technology skills
  • Issues affecting education
  • Professionalism
"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative

expression and knowledge."

About Teaching Professions

Professions I

Credit : 1

Grade: 11 ONLY

Fee: $10

Prerequisite: None

This junior level course is for students interested a career in the field of education. This program will instruct students about the foundations of teaching and student learning. Topics such as the history of education, philosophy and ethics of educators, child development, and the domains of excellent practice will be investigated in a variety of methods. Multiple times throughout the course students will experience micro-teaching: students conducting class as the instructor to teach about topics within education. Students should feel comfortable presenting in front of a classroom, working collaboratively with other students, and participating in critiques of peers' teaching. The process of preparing a professional teaching portfolio will begin in this course that will continue with them into their senior year (Teaching Professions II).

Students selecting the honors level course will complete additional tasks and assignments each quarter. These tasks could include, but are not limited to, classroom field observations in real-life classrooms and additional research papers. Honors students should be highly motivated to work beyond the basic parameters of the course.

College Credit

Hoover’s Teaching Professions course has received endorsement from the Ohio Department of Education for CTAG (Credit Transfer Assurance Guide). If you score high enough on the portfolio, you will receive credit for Introduction to Education at any state university—and that credit goes with you to another state university if you transfer.

Professions II

Credit : 3

Grade: 12 ONLY

Fee: $40


Successful completion of the Teaching Professions I program.

This continuation of the Teaching Professions I program will provide the students with in-depth classroom field experiences and further refinement of the skills examined in the junior level. Students will complete four field experiences: early childhood, middle childhood, secondary, and Special Education. Students must provide their own transportation to each site. From the in-class work and field experience, students will finish the portfolio they began in Teaching Professions I. Students who score at least 85% on the portfolio may receive college credit.


By the end of this decade, the United States will need over a million new teachers. Wouldn’t you like to be one of them? In Ohio alone, more than 57,000 new teachers will be needed. Current teachers are reaching retirement age in record numbers—and they must be replaced.


Teaching Professions is a career tech program designed to give qualified high school students a head start on a successful career path to teaching. Instead of waiting until you graduate from high school to explore the fundamentals of teaching, you can begin now with focused studies and field experience. The junior year is one period, and students participate in especially designed curriculum activities to learn the topics of study. The senior year, an honors level course, is three periods. Students write a portfolio during their class days but also intern in their district’s schools, gaining valuable hands-on experience in four different classroom settings.

Why Teach?

Have what it takes?

Successful Teachers Have:

"Real success is finding your lifework in the work that you love."

-David McCullough

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